You have a neat Doctor Who painting/drawing. Would you mind if I actually did it in stained glass for personal use? Not for sale?

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September 20, 2012 by joshartrip

I have posted a couple Doctor Who paintings over the past year or so, none of those are my works, I am no painter.  I have tried to link all of those back to the original poster or artist, so you could always check with them if there is a link back.

That said, in my limited education on copyright law, should you reproduce a piece of art for personal usage, not for commercial, this would fall into the guise of “Fair Use.”  I think this goes even further because you would be re-creating the work using a different medium, and would be more your interpretation, or parody of the original work, so I dont think you could get into any legal trouble because you would effective be creating a new work of art.  I almost applied to law school for what ever that is worth.

In the opinion of this Misguidedgeek, I say go for it, and if you could shoot me some pictures of the final work, I would love to post it, or re-blog it here.

Thanks for reading!


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