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August 28, 2012 by joshartrip

Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim’s Next DLC “Hearthfire” Officially Announced!

As you can see in the trailer above “Hearthfire” allows you to take a break from dungeon crawling and dragon slaying, and instead lay down roots, build a home, and adopt a family.  These simulation, or “Sim’s” like, elements add a refreshing twist to the game.  How many times have you looked around Hjerim and thought to your self, “Man I wish I had a garden” or “this place sure could use a Dwemer Sphere tropy”?  Like all the time right?

“Hearthfire” will allow you to do all of this, choosing your own plot of land, building your dream home with all the bells and whistles, moving your spouse in, and even adopting children!  It sounds like fun.  The newest DLC hits the Xbox market place next week for 400 Microsoft Points.

(Beware RANT!) As a PS3 owner, I am highly frustrated that the Xbox is about to get their second DLC, when we haven’t even gotten Dawnguard yet.  Bethesda has stated that We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3” as the reasoning for the delay.  Come on Bethesda, I am just dying to give you more of my money… just give me a reason.


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