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February 20, 2012 by joshartrip

First actual footage from the new Amazing Spiderman movie, “Mark of the Spiderman.”  If you dont want to watch the clip, here is a summary:

 Peter is trying to get into a restaurant where he is presumably meeting Gwen Stacy.  The doorman confuses him with a messenger, and once clarified that he is not, ask to see what is in Peter’s bag, probably because he is playing with the zipper in a sketchy/terroristy manner, not because it is actually security policy (I have never been asked to open my bag at Applebee’s #justsayin).  Peter is most likely acting so sketch/terroristy because his spider-suit is in his bag, and we all know from the trailer that he doesnt reveal his identity for any persons of authority until probably the mid-way point of the movie at which time he dismantles an entire platoon of well meaning police officers (why does every superhero have to take their mask off in every movie?  Why even wear a mask?  I digress).  This is essentially a :46 second clip of Andrew Garfield acting awkward, and a doorman acting like a douche.  If you read this much, you probably wished you just watched the clip right?


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