So This Just Happened

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January 22, 2012 by joshartrip

I’m at Starbucks, enjoy my venti triple no fat cinnamon dolce latte with no foam divided between four short cups, two with extra cinnamon, two with none, like a normal guy, doing some homework right. When this bro strolls in, doesn’t order anything, takes a seat at the coffee bar, and proceeds to pull a liter Coke out of his bag, along with two lunchables, one of the meat/cracker/cheese variety, the other one of the pizza types.

Without saying anything to anyone, he calmly feast, eating the pizza in two bites, laborious constructs tiny sandwiches from the other lunchable before gestation , and then chugs the remaining half liter of coke in one long drag. He then puts all the trash back in his bag, not disposing of it in the Starbucks trash or recycling receptacles, and then just leaves.

I have never quite seen a lunchable related display quite as impressive, and thought it merited sharing.


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