First World Problems: Concern about the Zombie Apocalypse

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September 30, 2011 by joshartrip

A recent study by the Oxford Internet Institute examined the amount and location of Google searches for the word Zombie.  Their findings, which are presented in the stunning infograph above (open in a new window/tab, or follow the link for a larger image) reveal that the bulk of searches appear in mainly developed areas of the globe.  I guess people in Africa and South America have more things to worry about than potential zombie outbreaks… although after a quick Google search when the zombie apocalypse does happen if will for sure begin in one of those areas.  Full findings below from Oxford:

“The map reveals two important spatial patterns. First, much of the world lacks any content mentioning “zombies” whatsoever. Second, and related, the highest concentrations of zombies in the Geoweb are located in the Anglophone world, especially in large. The results either provide a rough proxy for the amount of English-language content indexed over our planet, or offer an early warning into the geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse.”


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